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By now, you must have heard that eating fresh food is “better” for you but, do you have any idea why? Do you even know what the term “FRESH FOOD” really means? Do you know the difference between a carrot or yam gotten from the supermarket and one grown in a garden or purchased at a local farmer’s market? And what really makes them a healthier choice? In truth, is “Fresh” really better? 

The answer is yes, but knowing exactly what you’re opting for is key. So, define “fresh,” and take a look at what you’ll be eating should you choose fresh foods.

Fresh foods are foods that have not been dried, smoked, salted, frozen, canned, pickled or preserved otherwise. This means that they have been recently harvested and treated properly. Fresh foods are able to retain their nutritional value and flavor while being thoughtfully prepared that very day. This simply means that the difference between a store-bought potato and a locally-grown one is that the latter is healthier. Yes, some may argue that fresh produce isn’t necessarily the healthiest way to go as there are negatives involved in eating fresh such as a shorter shelf life and the harmful pesticides and hormones used to grow them. But the truth is that while consumers are at the risk of ingesting these chemicals used by farmers, these hard chemicals can be monitored locally making fresh foods the healthier way to go.

By now, you must be wondering why processed foods are far more popular than fresh foods, which are obviously healthier. The answer is simple: Convenience

However, for every organic or "all natural" foods, there are twice as many (if not more) cheaper, more readily available options, and they come salted or pre-seasoned. What is not highlighted by many food labels or manufacturers are all the hidden ingredients from added sugar, sodium, and unpronounceable preservatives, to additives, flavouring, and colouring. Also, due to the need to extend shelf-life and reduce manufacturing costs, many lesser quality ingredients are often utilised including those that are harmful to our health. It is important to take note of these facts and choose fresh foods for a better and life - enriching future. 

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