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Mental and emotional fitness, as well as physical fitness, are of major concern in our stressful world. As science and technology advance, we learn more about the complex interaction among the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of life. 

We can be comforted to see that the Lord spoke about these interactions thousands of years ago (Prov 17:22). Scripture was the first to record that a merry heart and courage can foster the healing of even very serious and life threatening illnesses. James wrote that prayer and the anointing of oil in the name of the Lord was helpful with healing (James 5:14), and Daniel followed certain dietary principles and emerges healthier than his colleagues (Dan. 1:11-14). The Lord even said that his dietary and health statutes were designed as preventive medicine so that His people might contract none of the Egyptian diseases (Exo. 15:26). 

Stress control, exercise and dietary moderation are key elements to total fitness (Phil 4:6,7). We are to work towards self control in everything especially consumption of food (Matt 6:25) and the use of alcoholic beverages (Eph 5:18). Consider that Jesus and the apostles walked everywhere. Most people now get much less physical activity than God intended for the human body. Consistent daily activity can help people to remain happy and fit. 

Taking care of your physical body, also known as the Lord's Temple, is a balancing act: We must attempt to achieve physical wellness and fitness without becoming narcissitic and self-consumed. Practicing healthy living or self control can glorify God and make a person more effective in his/her daily walk with him and their relationship with others. If an individual feels good, he/she usually has energy and enthusiasm that not only benefits them but others as well.

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